Upload New Bank Information

Securely send ZPos your new bank information

This form is for clients using the ZPos Online Payment Gateway Service. We will require this form filled in whenever you wish to send us your new bank information. We will use this information to deposit the money into your account from your online card sales.

Please fill in all fields.

Important - we need at least 7 days' notice to change the bank information. We manually have to review each submission.

Suitable Proof of Bank Account

We Accept (as photo/scan)

  • Bank Statement
  • Debit Card (Showing Account Info)
  • Cheque/Paying-In Slip
  • Official Bank Letter

We Do Not Accept

  • Handwritten Documents
  • Written Emails / SMS

The proof must clearly show the name of your account, your account number, and sort code.

By submitting this form, you accept our privacy policy. Please refer to our acceptable proof of bank information document if you have any concern as to whether your proof would be accepted.

Size limit for each file is 5.00 MB